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PvE Armor and PvP Armor Designs


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Hey Bioware & Forum Crowd,


I wanted to bring up a point that i haven't seen on the forums yet.


Armor designs.... A big thing for a lot of players. People want to look cool while they are killing people/bosses. For the Most part on the Empire side I have NOT seen one i really dont like. But on Republic side I cry a little inside when I see it. I wanted to suggest to Bioware that you guys do what Blizzard "DIDN'T" do with WoW.


Accept Fan Art for New Armor Sets. Both PvP and PvE.


Here are a few Comparisons i did today wanted to show you guys what I mean. (most of you have seen these already)


SW:TOR Comparisons


PvP Warrior vs. Knight




Really? Warriors look Sick and Knights look like a Can Opener (No Offence to Knights I have a level 41 and it makes me not want to level >.<)


PvP Inquisitor vs. Consular




Once again Inquisitor looks Savage! like a Spider Mated with a Human to come up with this! and the Concular look like they got a head piercing.


PvE Knight vs. Warrior




This one isn't Bad.... The Warrior looks like a Devil and the Knight looks like an Armored Monk.


PvE Inquisitor vs. Consular




Inquisitors look Like *********** Assassins from Long ago in Shogun total War lol and the Concular looks like a Maid with Funky Glasses.


WoW Comparisons


Paladin PvP - PvE




It was the same armor set..... Just different colors.... this made me think that blizzard was just giving up. I want to think BioWare is trying harder than Blizzard Ever did.


Warlock PvP (PvE Gear was the same just different color)




Warlock PvP and PvE gear looked Sick For Teir 6 and Arena Season 3. How they set it up made us just look Boss. But I was still sad that their was no real design put into it.


My last one I wanted to show you guys was a Concept art for Paladin gear. Blizzard never used it but I thought it was Awesome.




I Thought this was Absolutely Awesome. maybe some tweaks here and there but it was Fresh and new (kinda lol).


My whole reason for writing this is to give the forum crowd a chance to voice their thoughts and to tell BioWare What not to do. We want this game to succeed. Its "STARWARS!" So Please BioWare Please Listen to us.


Thanks all For reading!



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