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What Class/Story Lines Would You Like to See In the Future?


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I have seen a few threads about what races people would like to see next, but Im more interested in what classes we will see in the future. I know new classes are probably way down the road. Probably wont see any new classes until the 2nd expansion, but I think its fun to think about it. Im really interested in what the community comes up with. Im a SW fan, but Im not a super fan. Im sure there are tons of rolls and character types in the SW universe that I do not know about.



Here are a few of my ideas.



Red Guard kind of character:


I read that the Red Guard did not come around until Episode 1 in the SW timeline. So they could not be called the Red Guard. I still think the roll could fit into the SWTOR universe. Super elite body guards that protect high ranking members on the senate/dark council. That could be a cool story line imo. Chapter 1 could be training and moving through the ranks of the profession. You would also be able to view some back room corrupt politics, and then be given moral choices.




Separatist/Rebel character:


You are an everyman/women. You are not a superhero, flashy smuggler, or adventurous BH. You home planet is under empire/republic rule. You feel that the pub/imps are destroying your community and you decide to start a rebellion. Eventually you would be the leader of a small army and would coordinate with Imp/Pub top brass. I think character would be faced with a ton of moral choices. You would often be leading men/women to slaughter in the name of the greater good of your people.




Another Jedi/Sith character:


Idk, its SW, and I cant get enough of Jedi/Sith story. I cant think of any specific roll, but there has to be one that people would enjoy.

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