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30 days after you quit.


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I may have been reading the pages wrong or something, but this was just on the SWTOR twitter feed.


"Jeremy G. ‏ @TheGreatXL · Open

@SWTOR If I cancel each month, but then renew at the end of each month (but have a level 50), does mean I miss out on the free month? :("


"The Old Republic ‏ @SWTOR Close

@TheGreatXL As long as you have active game time when qualifying, the 30 free days will begin after paid time has expired. ~BB"


This makes me think that the 30 days free time does not go into effect until AFTER you quit. So if I continue paying for the game with my recurring bill which I have for 2 account (mine and my wifes) we will not receive the (FREE) month until after we quit(after we close our accounts). Seems pointless to me because I dont see myself ever telling myself, "Hey, I want to quit in 30 days.". Thoughts?


edit: Or do we get the 30 days now?

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