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New PvP gear


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I logged in yesterday to play the new 1.2 update, that had ups and downs here and there. But the biggest thing that stuck out to me was the new PvP gear for lvl 50s. I worked tirelessly to grind my way through champion gear, spending countless WZ Commendations or gear bags (800 WZ per) to get the Cent and Champ Commendations required to get full Centurion gear and then to Champion. Now that the new gear is here all that was a waste. The WZ comms I spent on what I had would easily get me full tier 2 now, AND the tier 1 I had to buy (approx 300k credits worth) was better than my old tier 2. So all that work got me nowhere.


I was just wondering if there was a way to redeem my old useless PvP gear for the equal tier new stuff, or even some WZ Coms? This issue wont stop me from playing, I feel like this wasn't a forseen consequence of the new gear. However, it really sucks to have the hours I spent gearing up mean nothing so new 50s can have easier access to gear/have PvE gear not viable in PvP any more.

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