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My experience after a while: Pvp impression/suggestion


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finally i decided to use this server downtime to write few considerations after a month of playing.

i'll start with a personal (hopefully short) humble and non-offensive blowout.


first of all, let's say the trial system is almost weird, you can't talk to anybody nor write in the forum as well: sounds like you wanna make ppl upset (at least)


i started playing after the trial just because i am a SW fan and since AMAZON.UK sold the client at 28 euros: spending 54€ for this game is IMHO way too much.

and now MY personal reason why.


to me, star wars IS a RvR game, borns like a HUGE battle against factionS but what they created is a cool sci-fi World of Warcraft CLONE.


we have raids, dugeons (normal and hard core), pvp tokens, look, exactly 3 battlegrounds! (one resembles so much the beloved arathi basin! ;) ). NO COLLISION!! gosh we did a "back to the future" jump in 2000s? where collisions where too CPU demanding? lol, now even iphone games have such.... stuff...

uh i now notice reading PvP feedbacks about your "adjustments", that you started doing exactly like they did in WoW forums: levelling each class and creating a ONE SHOT pvp scenario.


now what i would just like to imagine is a PARALLEL game, PvE and PvP.

WARHAMMER online (WAR) perfectly did it: you can (could) decide to play as a casual or an hard core gamer, farming PvE quests or playing in PvP in several ways.

PvE is complete. now stop adding contents. you are wasting your energies!


PLEASE focus on PvP: you have the freedom of PLANETS. you don't have to justify why at a certain point in the storyline popped an OPEN PVP planet... darn it's a galaxy! :D

Siths discovered a planet called HYPERICON with lot of coll and sexy stuffs.... now go there and see what's next...


TWO factions world is a WAR mistake you could avoid just copying first 3 episodes of the movie saga: in the SW universe there are "GUILD", CONFEDERATIONS? (i don't know the original translation, please excuse me) but rather than making LIGHT vs DARK challenge, the RvR could be a FACTION vs FACTION.

bankers, droids, siths, jedi, troppers and so on (this examples is not coherent i admit it ;) ), there are many different plausible faction: just find a way to make them "compatible" with a "overall plot"!

you could set up an entire planet to CONQUER by conquering different outpost SEQUENCIALLY:

let's imagine a WAR tier 4 map.

you start from an outpost, once you conquer it "gate opens" and you can conquer the other one.

once you conquered each outpost you can conquer the entire planet: the faction which conquered it gains a permanet bonus to some stats, special vendors, etc.

after a period of time, planet "resets" and you can start again.

or, more interesting, you can make the planet attackable once again and a faction have to RE-conquer each outpost to gain the total control of the planet.


1) each faction should have some unique bonus, which differs from PvE and PvP (justifiing joiing it): eg. bankers could have a trade bonus/discouont in purchasing items at NPC vendors while discounted prices when purchasing defense/siege weapons

droids some "electro"-resistance (special mods, equip) in PvE and in PvP some resistance to turrets or heavy fire, and so on

2) each faction should have the control of one outpost (with no bonus)

3) once the faction conquers an outpost it gains the faction's main PvP bonus: if the planet has not been conquered NO PVE bonus is gained

4) proceeding in the "conquer path" the faction gets stronger in terms of PvP bonuses but should gain more enemies as opposing (looser) factions should compete to defend the planet.

5) mechanics of re-conquering the outpost are way lot delicate and atmi am missing in this idea :p

i was thinking that lost outpost could remain "locked" for a conquer for a period of time? depending on several factors this period should be tuned though. it could be adjusted in real time each time, depending on numbers of partecipants or something like that. so, for eg, if a faction is way too unbalanced or overcrowded timers could adjust accordingly, giving more time to underdog ones.

6) conquering a planet though, IMHO, should last for a "Long" time, meaning some days, just to give the idea of a real "fight for war". and using some parameters, players who took part at the "war" should be rewarded accordingly: rewarding not just the hard core gamers, but also who has a life and played less time and eg, went to sleep ;)


SWOT analysis:

Point of strenght: open PvP, faction vs faction game. players who doesn't like to farm pve, have a chance to play swtor fighting their childhood enemies, this time for real.

weakness: you don't even know where to start in creating a PvP enviroment :D you could COPY from WAR, GW2 concept, DAOC... GOSH DAOC!!!! no, the main weakness is that you can't inherit almost anything from the core coding you already have in hands. and you will need a huge a spending programming serie for:

facions, world design, pvp concept, outpost and so on.

-opportunities: you could open up SWTOR gates to a huge part of gamers you are about to loose forever or, probably, never had: PvP ones.

-treats: you start a huge work TOO late and players flee from SWTOR to GW2.

BUT the fail ratio you are facing is, atm, IMHO, way so high, that I, considering all the money you spent, would spend some more to completely re-design a MISSING part of a game.


you couldn't see you released a game which was borning OLD, using parameters derived from year 2000, 12 years old -old-, rather than a modern concept :(

you designed a game not asking yourselves one -imho- foundamental question:

why a player should leave his/her MMO game to play SWTOR?

(personal adding note: a CLONE of MANY other games already on the run, probably tested and with fewer bugs?)

what SWTOR will give in MORE to them?

an interactive dialogue? (which is, among the other, translated JUST in 3 languages.. LOL you are so confident in players' culture!! LOL do you really think so much ppl can speak english? (read at me!!) :)

seriously, do you think that copying Mass Effect, THE off-line sci-fi game, dialogue UI and concept would have given you something MORE respect to other games already running or about to be released?


ok ok i am going off-topic, i would LOVE to give more ideas or support, i do know you won't take me seriously or my bad english annyed you all far earlier :)

i didn't meant to offend nobody's work, i just needed to confess my delusion for a game i expected so long and which i'll probably flee at the first (free) month :(


may the force be with you ppl!

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