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BW this is what you should have said


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Sideshow collectibles guy (SCG from now on): hey Mr Bioware, how about we team up? we want to do SWTOR figures for your friki customers

Mr Bioware (BW from now on): I'm listening

SCG: we could even do a life-size figure of one of your most prominent characters, but one we dont have to pay a bunch of bucks to Lucas

BW: Darth Malgus is pretty bad *** and mostly unknown outside our game, but our customers will like it

SCG: nice, it just costs us a few bucks to make one, but we can say it worths thousands and give it as a reward in a marketing contest

BW: Im liking the idea, but sure you can send such a big thing to Europe, Asia, Oceania ....??

SCG: are you joking? we are not expending so much money on this, also our customers are US based, this will be a US only contest


BW: Sorry, even thou i like the idea, we are a global company and SWTOR is a global product, we can not insult half our player base this way, mainly when we have to almost insult our non-US players in a weekly basis.

SCG: Ok i understand it, at least can we get the rights to sell figures of SWTOR?

BW: Sure why not.


Just some fun for the downtime :cool:

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