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I'm just saying, about PvP et al...


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After recently spending a good hour reading through the posts on the latest patch issues, and the tangents that they produced, I wanted to throw my 2cents in on a PvP 'community' issue that was mentioned, not directly, but enough for me to want to say something...


Originally Posted by Mnemomeme

I most certainly did not. I said there's no challenge in fighting brainless robot enemies that always act the same, do not adapt to changing circumstances, and are designed specifically to fall easily. The whole point of robot enemies is to waste some time to keep you interested in your subscription fees. If that works for you, fine... some people truly enjoy doing taxes, and still others get a kick out of spending their entire life pulling weeds. Those people don't build cities though, and they certainly don't support the development of social infrastructure. PvP players, on the other hand... do, within the limited world of the MMO.



The problem I see a lot is that PvP players tend to think that they are the ones who decide what makes or breaks a game. They complain about differences of powers in PvP to the point that something HAS to get changed. They like to think it is because they are a big driving force behind things, when I believe that more realistically they are just far more verbal about things. Something to do with all that testosterone from PvP'ing (Or Estrogen for those Lady PvP'ers out there - not trying to leave you out :p ).


Look at it this way..


If this game were TRULY SW Canon, no one would ever pick a Trooper, or Agent etc. to play PvP... because other than a very very few, the chance of one of them.... or even a large group of them, overcoming a single powerfull Jedi or Sith, is Jack and crap. And Jack left town. Fact is, Sith and Jedi have been 'toned down' so that in PvP, everyone can be 'equal'. This has to be done, or the PvP community - which DOES exist, don't get me wrong, and is of decent size - becomes so vocal, that they CAN cause enough waves to ruin a game, or at least inhibit it. Bad news, true or not, travels faster than anything else in the Universe... if only we could make ships driven by it.


In the 'Solo' game, you are made to feel 'powerful' in your class... in PvP, a new Agent can even presume to attack a trained Sith.. but in canon, the Agent wouldn't even dream of it.


So from my POV, if it wasn't for the PvP aspect of the game, we would be able to have a variety of different powers. Sith and Jedi wouldn't have to have the very same skills with a different name... but would be able to have a larger variety and pool of Force powers to choose from. To me, PvP limits a game because it causes conformity where there shouldn't be.



Now, that said.. nothing against PvP'ers personally... and I PvP here myself and have fun with it. But, as soon as I enter the PvP arena, I put aside that this game has anything to do with SW's, and recall that in pvp it's down to which power and stim/heal/artifact etc. I can click in the right order, in a better way than the other guy with the same powers facing me can do.


It doesn't stop a corner of my mind sighing when a Trooper or someone pulls my Assassin to them, only to think that they really believed they would of had a chance had I been 'real' Sith.



So while the poster says that PvP players 'build the social structure', they also destroy it in some ways. And the poster aslo totally ignores the whole RP community... but that's a different post.




A.k.a - Balos.

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