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Crafting Suggestions


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- Crafting Crew Skill Limit -


Personally I think 1 is not enough. I'd like to see characters get at least 2. However , some of you might say "Hey, that's what alts are for!" and you'd be absolutely correct. Also , given the nice presence bonus you get from finishing the companion stories (+400 for finishing them all) we've got even more incentive to make alts.


Some like myself though may be leveling characters on a specific faction just for the presence reward. Here is my alternative suggestion then. Remove the Crafting crew skill limit of 1 for the 3 slots we have. Perhaps we can make one person a crafter (all 3 slots crafting skills) and other characters can be crew skill support characters (missions and gathering). This way you don't have to expand the slots beyond 3 and people still have to make choices.


Again though I don't think it'd be game breaking to let people have at least 2 of each to have a little more flexibility.


- Gathering and Mission skill menus -


The mission skill Underworld Trading is the most notable offender in my mind here. Sometimes you want to focus on getting your precious metals / silks. However , the system seems to heavily favor the companion gifts and I often ended up with 1 or 0 of the resource I wanted to get.


So here my simple fix suggestion .... make them expandable menus. As your skill increased the menu would fill inExample:


-Underworld Trading-

Tier 1

+Companion Gifts









+Specialty Missions


This would make it worlds easier and less frustrating to get that resource you're after instead of dealing with the current randomized list.


Anyways those are my thoughts. They don't seem unreasonable to me. Feel free to agree, disagree, add on to my ideas or add ideas of your own!


Thanks for reading.

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With the current design of the game each crafting skill is designed with 2 harvesting (mission) skills in mind. In order to sustain your crafting skill you have to have those two skills which populate all your slots. I think they would have to overhaul the entire crafting system in order to work something like that in. It seems they have designed the game to encourage alts which is evident with the legacy system. The crafting setup would also serve as proof of this since obviously the only way to gain a second craft is to use an alt.


It is a pain and gives me a headache. However I am sure they will change it up in 6 months and make it completely new again and force everyone to respec since that is what I have generally come to expect from MMO's with the name Star Wars.

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