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"As a thanks for being one of our most valued players, all active subscriber accounts with a Level 50 character as of April 12, 2012, 12:00 PM CDT, 5:00 PM GMT, will receive 30 days of game time** at no charge in appreciation for your support and loyalty."


This is messed up Bioware, I've been playing since beta, bought the collectors edition AND the 6-month reoccurring subscription plan, but because I want to actually PLAY the game and ENJOY all the content instead of blowing through it like a rocket, I get hosed because my highest level character is 43rd.



thanks for nuttin


oh and may the Force be Kharmic to you !

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Hello Everyone,


We understand that the subject of the free thirty days is a hot topic right now.


In the interest of keeping your feedback consolidated and the discussion in one place, we will be closing this thread. Please feel free to continue the discussion here: Should have given 30 days to everyone subbed since release


Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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