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My Thoughts on EGA


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First off, this is not a whine thread! It's a cheese thread :o

And secondly, here's my ideas on EGA posted in a fashionable and serene manner :)


I have to say I've never experienced an MMO launch before, so this is the thoughts of a noobie when it comes to this.


For starters, the staggered entry is a brilliant idea because it's a very good way to stress your servers, make adjustments, allow the next wave in, do more adjustments and just keep your servers up and running throughout the whole thing. Servers will always need maintenance and tweaking and this is an excellent way to do that. Not to mention in game advantage like not having your quest mob stolen by 30 people before you can finally steal it from somebody else!


Something else that bothers me though, I pre-ordered somewhere mid september. I knew I wasn't gonna be in on the first day of access, that's just using my common sense. But what is really bothersome is that I don't know when I'll get in except from "not in the last wave". There is a real lack of info. Now BW said that is so they can stay flexible and allow as many people in as they think the servers can currently handle. Which is a fine and valid reason, but it's torture! And pretty unnecessary considering that even with this they seem to have issues with server load etc (as seen from forum posts etc.)


Now don't get me wrong, I'm not whining that I did not get in on day 1, technically I'm not even whining. I'm just stating my opinion. But BW could have done a slightly better job at this. Tell us we get in -somewhere- on the 14th, or 15th, or 16th or w/e. At least we have a date and we don't sit around hopelessly trying to keep ourselves from losing our minds because we don't know when we get in.


Another real worry is... day one EGA got us to... july 25 pre-orders... (again - as seen from forum posts of people saying when they registered and if they're in or not) At this rate anybody who pre-ordered after august 10th is gonna get in the 19th so that's not a very good thing. Of course as the servers get more stable they can allow more people in at once. But it's quite discouraging and heartbreaking to see that we didn't even reach August pre-orders yet.


What I also want to mention is, we paid extra for our pre-order compared to the actual game price. It's not much but let's compare it for a moment.

5$ for pre-order EGA, 15$ for 30 day game sub.

Now we paid 5$ for 5 days, now 7 days which, even if it's just a perk, is still outrageously expensive considering we aren't guaranteed that we get our money's worth in days. Now I'm a september pre-order but what about the december ones? They paid the same amount too and they get 1 day, while somebody in july gets 7 for the same price. To me that just means that there should have been a better system in place that kept this in mind.


Obviously BW didn't just forget all that stuff and chose the system that would be easier for them to handle the launch of their very first MMO, I do feel somewhat cheated and betrayed. And even if many reasons for that remain valid, I would be a lot more soothed if only I knew on what day I'd get in.


Feel free to leave your thoughts aswell.




Stop being lazy and read,

it's important if you wanna post proper comments

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Thank you for your cheese thread -- much better than whine, definitely! Since this is a topic that many people want to discuss and it's more difficult to keep the conversation focused when they're spread out over several threads, we are asking that everyone continue this discussion in one thread:




We are closing this post now. Thank you for your cooperation!

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