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Character creation-Empire


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I have been wanting to ask.


what are the number ect for creating a character that is


Identical to Ffon Althe?


Not really sure what you mean by "number." I can only assume you're asking what Althe's class is, which he was trained as a Sith Inquisitor. And his species is Sith Pureblood.

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I watched a video of sith Inquisitor part 1 of the game.



I memorized his skin tone its tan his eyes are red.



he doesn't have and long faceual part's at his chin or his eye brow's.



was hopeing a developer could have told me



the numbers and features and everything else used to create him.



Is all :)

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I created a pureblood sith got skin tone right.



Messed up the eyes but have good friends.



Was gonna delete the character but gonna keep her.



Character name Jennyalthe- sith purblood-girl



Server- Empress Teta.



Friend me.



I all ready have been invited to a guild which hasn't been created. :sy_empire:

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