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Crafted WH gear


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So apparently we'll be able to buy the schematics to craft WH "skinned" gear in 1.2. This means crit crafts, yay! The kicker? The pieces are going to be BOP and require a valor rank.


The valor rank I wholly agree with. If it wasn't there every new joe pvper will be crafting and wearing WH.


But... why bop and not bind on account/legacy? Why should I have to change my pvp toon's crew skills in order to wear the best (aug slot) pvp gear?


I mean the gear is already empty (no mods) right? So we'll have to get the regular WH stuff to compete anyways. Throw us a bone and let us have our crit crafted pieces w/o having to respec our crew skills. Bind on account/legacy doesn't seem too unreasonable. We'll have to have an alt that can craft it.


1) I know there are plans to add aug slots in the future to almost any gear. I'm worried about now.


2) Devs this is not a crew skill discussion. Please don't move this. It's about Pee Vee Pee gear

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