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Tips on 1v1 pvp as a healing scoundrel


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Hi all,


I'm pretty new to this class, and I feel like I'm doing something really wrong right now in terms of pvping 1v1. Specifically.. when I'm around Ilum and run into an imperial... I always die. It's not even close. I spam heals and can drag out a fight, but that leaves no time for me to do any type of damage. And then half the classes out there have abilities to negate the miniscule damage I do.


Any tips?

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Healing really isn't a 1 on 1 class. Particularly as we rely on a single cast ability to be able to do sustained, intense healing on a single target and if that gets interrupted we're pretty wrecked. From a PVP perspective, if you want to heal and have good 1 on 1 ability I'd recommend a 'Pugilist' hybrid build. You have a lot of survivability still and gain considerable more damage potential due to Sucker Punch. You still won't kill people that quickly, but if you have your HOTs running at the start of a fight and open from stealth then apply Sabotage Charge and Vital Shot you should be able to take most people down before they can take you down as you'll be passively healing about 1500 damage every 3 seconds.
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I use a hybrid build, this is my strategy (assuming no shoot first):


In beginning of fight:

Pop defense screen

Apply vital shot and plant sabotage charge


Maintain these throughout fight:

triage, back blast on cooldown

Keep 2 stacks of SRM at all times, refresh early in case you get cced. Same with vital shot

Use blaster whip and sucker punch when you can

Distraction as much as possible, especially against heals


When taking damage:

Emergency med pack, especially if below 30%

dirty kick -> underworld medicine

Flash bang-> UWM

Tendon blast-> break line of sight->UWM

Pop kolto cloud if you have it (after this you will probably need to use cool head)

Dodge if you have to, I prefer to pop this and disappearing act if necessary



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The biggest problem you will have is 1-1 against tank classes. Powertechs, Tanksins and Rage Juggernaughts in particular. (Marauders are easier b/c they can be kited, and don't have the burst to break your 30% barrier and you can triage the dots)


You can't quite heal through the damage those classes do, you can't kite them effectively, and you don't do enough damage b/c you don't have an armor debuff.


You can take them down to 65% before the fight starts, but from that point on, its very one sided. At the end you won't be able to do any dps, b/c you will be constantly trying to heal yourself.


If you blow all your cooldowns, and get some lucky crits, you might win once in awhile, but all things being equal (eg full bm vs full bm) its a losing proposition most of the time.

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