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Return Ability


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On some planets the currency is harder to achieve then on others. This fact plays a role with how we spend that currency. As such we should have a undo or return capability to allow for a mistake to be undone if it occurs.


Understand I am not stating that if we get an enhancement and then use it to be allowed to return it for the tokens. No this has to be an unbound item and a limited time (e.g. 5 minutes) and the vendor of purchase is the only one to return it too.


As an example I miss counted Modifications I needed and ended up with one extra at a cost of only 2 <PLANET> Currency, but regardless this was a mistake and having only the option to list it on the GTN/HTN or sell it for general currency does not always work, if you need something else.


Thus I encourage others to weigh and consider this and chime in with their thoughts and considerations. This is especially true with the possibility of the Guild Banks that should come in 1.2. If we can share these items we might have more opportunities too.





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