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Maint Timezones


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After my posts being removed from another thread, I'll just make one.


The maint times are seriously bad (Without getting into cursing). I mean, 7 hours, ok, sure, it's a game, I'll deal with 7 hours. Sweet, Americans lose the game from 3am-10am when most people are asleep, and then various hours on that depending on your timezone.


New Zealand? Oh. I only lose 7pm - 2am.


I understand that the times suit Americans very well, but now there are Australian servers. Why can't we have a separate time? Delay our updates and maints, not sure how many will agree on that, but still.


I pay for this game like everyone else, and because of where I live, I miss out on game time.


I would like to see the reaction if the US had maint times around 5pm and they can't game all evening.



/end rant.

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imo there should be 3 maint cycles 1 for NA, 1 for EU 1 for aussies. the game is for the people of the world and all time zones. its the best way for them to please most people.


and yes i know they have said that the its not currently possible for them to do that.

which boggles my mind, as they should of forseen people of diffrent times zones all playing with a northamerican schedule.

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I would like to see the reaction if the US had maint times around 5pm and they can't game all evening.



As I stated in the other thread, it has nothing to do with Americans vs Australians. They craptastic support system used as the back end for SWTOR does not allow for phased maintenance, which means they all come down at the same time.


The time they come down was chosen because that's when there's the fewest people playing.


If you're going to point the finger at a particular country, point it at Canada. BioWare is Canadian, not American.

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Hello everyone,


In our Community Q&A: March 2nd, 2012 Blog, the topic of maintenance times was addressed:


Rtwozero - Any plans to implement region by region maintenance times?


Blaine Christine (Sr. Producer, Live Services): At this time there are no plans to implement separate maintenance times by region. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a global service with no restrictions on a player’s server choice.


Unfortunately the trade-off is that we have to maintain a single service environment, which leads to global maintenance periods. We are very sensitive to the fact that we are limiting play time once per week with a global scheduled maintenance.


We have carefully examined global peak times and the number of players affected by our planned downtime. Those of you that have been with us since launch may have noticed that the first few patches were scheduled at 4 AM CST; we very quickly adjusted to 2 AM CST. The reason for this adjustment was an analysis of the peak time play patterns by region that resulted in the current start time.


We understand that this is especially concerning to players in the European and newly opened Asia/Pacific server regions. We will always do our best to minimize the downtime, but it is the only way that we can perform critical service updates on the game client and on the game’s network infrastructure, underlying platform systems and so on.


Thank you for bringing your concerns to us – we will always listen and do our best to make adjustments when possible, but at this time, we have to move forward with a single global maintenance period.


If you would like to discuss this, or how your geographical location effects your maintenance time, please join one of the previously existing topics, as we will be closing this thread:

Thank you.

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