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1.2 vs Resplendence


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I'm interested to hear anyone's take on how important Resplendence is now. Off the top of my head (forgive me if I'm mistaken) each un-Resplended Noble Sacrifice effectively 'costs' us 20 force (2 force per second over 10 seconds) against the 8% of our total force pool contributed.


The loss is not totally insignificant if you have a couple of stacks (my current approach is to use Noble Sacrifice twice and drop Salvation; so with Resplendence on both, I would have 40 more force points in the long-run). The issue to me is that even thought Resplendence still provides a quantifiable benefit, previously I was generally using Conveyance procs on Healing Trance to (mostly) guarantee Resplendence proc'd. Now I'm much more likely to use them on Deliverance or Salvation to reduce the force cost.


So is it worth keeping Resplendence at 2/2 and making use of it whenever it procs, or should I drop it to 1 point (or discard it entirely)? I've been contemplating this because now I have to decide where to get another point for Pain Bearer from, and I'm weighing up the importance of Valiance against Resplendence.



Completely unrelated note: I was pugging last night and I simply couldn't cast Force Armor on our Guardian tank, yet the DPS sage in our group could. I'm assuming there's some interaction I'm unaware of, but damned if I know.

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