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Points for being Usefull in WZ's


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I have played alot of MMO's in my short 18 years of life, but one thing that stands out more than anything in Swtor, is how you only gain Commendations from shooting, stabbing, healing or sitting in one spot next to the objective instead of actually completing the objective.


Suggestion(s) for Change or Simple Addition for gaining WZ Accommodations:

Long Successfull Huttball Throw +2 Accommodations

Huttball Score +5 Accommodations

Capture Objective(Civil War) +4 Accommodations

Destroy Door(Voidstar) +6 Accommodations

Extend Bridge(Voidstar) +2 Accommodations


Reason for Suggestion: I managed to score 5/6 Huttballs and left the game with less than 70 points because i only had two medals.

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