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Peticion - for total deads servers


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Hi all,

I thing many ppl have same problem - total deads servers, we cant play pve and only some times can play warzones, Bioware can fix only some stupid graphic bugs, but we are only scum - they not need us, not need our money.


Do you want pay for nothing??????


Yesterday i frozzed my account, folow me and type to this topic your nick and server.


We must stay together, star wars are good game, but it isnt problem play another game....they must know it!!!!!!


Sian, Uthar winn

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Hi there, all! We will be closing this thread, as the Rules of Conduct do not allow petitions. Instead of encouraging discussion, these threads are often comprised of posts with just "/signed."


We would like to direct everyone to a few existing, constructive threads available for discussing the topic of population concerns:



Please continue sharing your thoughts in the ongoing threads. Thank you!

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