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Stacking Power Or Crit?


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Hello everyone. I just had a question for all of you. I am a lvl Jedi Sentinel Watchman and I do both PvP and PvE (So im collecting both sets of gear and am using standard Centurian/Columni gear atm). I have been struggling with this spec a bit because of its focus on dot usage and its self/party healing abilities.


To clarify for those of you who dont know, the way the Watchman class works is by focusing on Dot Crits for the most part. This is because for every Tic of a burning dot (Cauterize/overload saber) that hits as a critical hit will heal myself and my entire party for a set amount. I find this very and worthwhile because you dont need Zen for this to always work. Though Zen ensures that you crit for a few seconds, there are only so many tics on a dot and you need to use centering stacks or Transendance to acheave this which in pvp isnt always as easy as it sounds.


So my theory is if I stack enough Crit, I will be able to hit for more damage more often and heal myself and party without the constant useage of Zen...On the flip side, most gear you find seems to push for the useage of power instead of Crit (by coming with power mods...etc instead of crit mods). The only gear that comes with a good set of Crit mods is the Rakatta gear.


From my understanding, power hits harder consistently but, I still feel that my spec and its abilities are wasted on stacking power. Am I wright or wrong about this?


My other theory is that for class to be effective I would need 100% of the possible crit I could have, equipped.


Any input on this would be great guys. Thanks!

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I have often wondered the same thing, and from what I typically see (and I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong) is that power is the go-to stat for the most part. Crit should eventually be worked on to get around the 25% mark and surge to 70(?)%.


Centering is gathered so rapidly that you should be critting with your dots very often even if you don't have a hugely high crit rate. That is assuming that you are on top of popping Zen pretty much whenever it is available.


Again, I hope anyone who knows better will correct me if I'm wrong.


And just as a point of clarification, your party is only healed through dot crits if they crit under the influence of Zen. Normal run of the mill dot crits will only heal you.

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