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Mini game ideas #1: Conflict


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I think a lot of MMO's lose track of the overall story, and enjoyment, and concentrate way too much on numbers/mathematics of gear. To combat this I will be offering up a few ideas for little ingame activities, which I will call 'Mini Games'. SWTOR has a great feature for allowing different gear, from commendations through to Social points. Each Mini Game could also have its own tear of rewards.


Number 1: Conflict


The setting: Two sides, the Republic and the Imperials are locked in battle over an area vital to the campaign. Each drastically needs resources in order to defeat the other.


The idea: Players need to deliver packages of items, weapons and equipment to their sides stores,to equip their troops for battle.


The game: The battle would be a constant tug-of-war between NPC troops. The side which receives the most, or the better quality of gear, would make progress towards winning the round.



This would be a great way to get rid of items you would normally vendor for credits. Lets face it, having 2 million credits in the bank offers no bonus, and games always struggle to find ways to dispose of items/credits and to balance a game economy.

You could start the game when teams are balanced, or leave it open for say a week, during which time you can watch the swing of power.

It would also go some way to helping the game feel like a galactic war between two mighty empires, rather than the only conflict being PVP warzones. It would also help PVE players feel like they are connected more to the story of SWTOR.


Imagine spending a couple of hours taking down NPC's and collecting armour, weapons, medpacs etc, of all colours, filling up a cargo hold on your ship, then delivering them all to an NPC game vendor, who 'distributes' then to the troops. Even if that distribution just means a simple bar turns more blue than red, it still feels like you accomplish something for the virtual war effort!

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