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New Player Server ONLY - With Bioware Guides.


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I am a new player to mmo and there are more joining everyday, there are many aspects of this game I find confusing and tiring. Can you create a new server JUST for new players and has guides or more indepth realtime tutorials?


Showing us, combat so it does not turn into a button bashing, frustration bore

Show us about crafting, and what attack chains do what

Proper navigation, communication and all the things people keep asking about in the new forums


You have our money, and our support but we want something back as well. I am sure advanced players would love the chance to show and guide new players through the full process as a group. Maybe you could give the teachers a system for review and give them items for helping.


Its just a thought, as a new player myself the story is great, combat is utterly confusing and a button basher that wont hold my attention for too much longer.


Bioware, your thoughts?

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There is already a pop up that tells you most things in your starter area and you learn a lot between 1 and 10.


However, how about this, instead of having a new player only server, how about having certain volunteers in game, which are experienced players able to flag themselves to be able to answer any questions to new players in game through an interface.


At the moment, you need to be pro-active. If you have any questions about the game, then don't be afraid to ask people you see running around, or join a friendly guild who can answer questions, or check the handy new player guides that crop up on the forums and on the home page here.

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Can you create a new server JUST for new players...

And at what point do you stop being a new player? And at that point, what happens to your character?


This set of forums is the help point for new players. Allied to the in game help tutorials, some reading of the stickies in the New User forum you should have a decent start in the game.


Bioware have copied one of the USPs of Blizz in the gradual ramping up of how things work and what you have to deal with as a player. Read what pops up. Read the tooltips for new abilities that get popped onto your quickslots. Read, read, read and you won't need your hand held.

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