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the greatest song ever written


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i want to be, a heal spec sorc

the best there ever was.

to heal them all is my real test. to bubble is my cause.

i will travel across BT, consuming health away.

each classes tank to understand, the aggro that they hold.


juggernaut, its you and me.

maybe a mercenary

sorc heal spec, im youre best friend

when you need a battle rez

sorc heal spec, with heals so true

innervate will pull us through


protect me and ill heal you

sorc heal spec

gotta heal'em all


every challenge along the way

with resurge i will face

i will heal you every mob

to claim my helmet piece.


come with me, we have some deeps

they're an alright team

with all my heals we'll win the fight

all because of me


heal spec sorc

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