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Random white screen flicker


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Hi all,


I have not been able to pinpoint the cause of this. Every so often, maybe every 3-5 minutes, questing, walking through doorways, outside inworlds, etc. I see a white flicker of the screen, almost like a white box. It shows up for maybe .1 sec.


I am using a Radeon HD 7700.

Fresh install of SWTOR and Win7 ultimate sp1.

Latest video and directx drivers.


I have run Prime95 and FurMark with no issues.


GPU temp never gets above 43 celcius when playing.


Anyone else experiencing the above?



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Getting similar thing. I used to have it right after launch, but one of the patches fixed it (think it was even mentioned in notes). Recently switched to maximized windowed mode (had used non-maximized before) and it started again. Annoying, but not frequent enough to disturb too much.


It's less than 0.1 secs for me tho, just a quick bright flash.

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