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Easy tips for a marauder/sent


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Id just like to clarify i will not talk about rotations or tree's im focusing on the mistakes i see fellow marauders/sents make that can change the outcome of a fight dramatically


Marauders/sents have so many moves that i often find myself having to do lots of different stuff to different classes so i dont know how i would explain my rotation when it changes so much to all the newbies im sorry



Keep in mind all said here is exactly the same for a sent.

(with different names for the moves that i do not know)

(I am not discussing rotations here,marauders have tons of moves for different situations and have the option to be creative with the way they fight)


Hi, my first 50 was a Marauder. I picked it because everyone I knew wanted to be a sorc or bounty hunter and I always try to pick a class not many other people seem to be using. This is not the case on all servers but mine is the extremely light server, Anturi reach.


Now for quite awhile I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t seem to be on par with anyone else and after playing my bounty hunter alt I thought marauders were really UP, but they’re not! After trying some new rotations and endless hours of PVP practice against all sorts of different players and styles I’ve learned that this class is not UP. They are beautiful magnificent machines of doom and with a little practice and some gear you too can become a feared force of destruction.


Some key mistakes marauders make;


I only have one interrupt!

I initiate with force jump!

My auto attack is useless!

I die faster than any class!

Why do ranged kill me before I touch them!?


(For all this info I’m going to assume your opponents are skilled and just as geared as you. If you’re in fresh 50 gear and fight a guy in BM and win you’re either a god or he/she was not that smart.)



(I say these 2 classes because for some reason there both considered the most op.)

In order to take out a Sorc/sage or merc/trooper that’s in a channel based spec, (not all of them will be) you must master your interrupting and learn you have more than one. Sorcs/sages and merc/trooper all have something in common. All have multiple ways of healing, and multiple ways of getting you out of their face.



Marauders have;

Disruption: a 8 second cd (6 with points in annil)

Force choke: long cd but can be saved as a interrupt.

The Fear move: your aoe fear works as interrupt, but also has a long cd so make it count.

FORCE JUMP: Yes it interrupts!


No matter what spec you are you have 4 interrupts to use as you please.


When your channeling opponents are low health they will begin the THROW, STUN, HEAL combo.

Considering most classes have 2 stuns it’s not as simple as “let me break a stun”. You need to pick which one to stop, unless you have points in force cloak.


If you haven’t used it yet and save it until they do their combo when your low, just get back in their face to disrupt and finish them. If you didn’t… well sorry to say but that sorcs going to get some health back, just try to get back in his face as quickly as possible.


This is why force jump should never ever be used as a initiate and always as a chase or interrupt after an opponent combos.

In addition Ravage can be used as an immobilize if you’re mid tree.

Now tbh idk if Zealous leap interrupts because I do not play mid tree, but I think it might.


I know BH and sorcs sometimes seem like they’re unkillable with their large amount of defense and escapability but Marauders DESTROY casters, we have more defense, just as much as escape ability and multiple ways to stop them from doing anything.




Assault and battering assault do not do that much damage, this is true however THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TOO. Both moves are to build rage, how you choose to use them in you rotation is your own choice but never face roll the assault and wonder why your hits are so small. Consider SLASH as your real auto attack.


I die faster than any class!


Let’s do some math here!

Cloak of pain- 20 percent

Berserk- 15 percent

Saber ward- 50 percent

Endless rage- 99 Percent! (Although it is a flight or fight move)


You have an insane amount of defense! INSANE but some people blow all defensive stuff early! This is not necessary at all! You will last longer if you ration out your defensive cd's. Never blow them all at once! Know when you’re about to get hit by something big!


Obfuscate does not add resistance, but it might as well because it increases your opponents miss chance. This buys precious time, never forget you have this.




If you’re in a 1v1 duel, this is irrelevant; you can see your target in front of you. There is no advantage of ''I didn't see him above me wail-en on me'' So get in that guy's face and show him you‘‘doesn’t afraid of anything!'' like the crazed death dealer you are! But maybe you’re in hutt ball and a ranged has the high ground advantage. You can’t just let him lay out your teammates like that! Show em you don’t play that S***


Now most ranged get a throw move, and unlike most opponents if they’re on a catwalk alone, it is actually ok to force jump. (But you should ONLY do this if you know they just used their throw if they’re a powertech/trooper THEY GET 2 and god does it suck. But you can just get right back up there and retry. I wouldn’t suggest jumping, try sneaking around.)


Now let’s make this easy and say they only have one throw but haven’t used it. You should always try to get the jump on ranged. (I mean sneaking up on them, not force jumping.) This makes their puny ranged advantage disappear! When they get nervous they’ll throw you. Lucky for you,you have jump still! (aren't you glad you didn't use it )You now have some time to teach that ranged guy a little lesson for what he did to you and your team.



I hope some of this advice helps the marauders who can’t find themselves.

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