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Player Switch server!!


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Hey Guys,


You should make a feature on the server list menu to switch your characters to different servers. This will boost your game-play by a lot!


If you honestly need to, you would make it so you have to move all your characters to a new server so the legacy tree coming in 1.2 and all legacy features don't get mixed up. We wouldn't want that to happen!


Also, It will satisfy so many players because they would want to explore the other types of servers SWTOR has to offer Like PvE, PvP, RP, and RP-PvP!


When players do want to explore those different server types, they would have to start all over on their legacy! I don't find that good. So you should be able to switch players and keep them how they are so you can have even more fun exploring what SWTOR has to offer!



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