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free gear and the replay factor


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I have see this talked about off topic in a lot of post but never its own.

What is your opion on how easy it is to get fully geared for pve and now with 1.2 coming pvp gear will be the same way.

The main arguments that I see is

1 Pvp gear should just be all the same because pvp should be about skil not gear

2 Pvp gear progression gives you reward for time playing

3 Pve gearing was to hard in other mmos and happy it takes 2 runs to get guild completley geared and bosses are nice and easy so everyone can kill them.

4 Pve gear should take time to get and ops should be harder with everything so easy why rerun them when noone needs anything from it.


What's your thought?


I personaly think everything is way to easy when I was leveling for the first time and heard people were already fully geared I didn't belive it then I did some ops and couldn't belive the amout of gear that droped per boss its like 10 plus items per boss. I still play cuz its star wars and I don't have all classes to 50 yet

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