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I've got a suggestion. Rethink Forum Moderation


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What is Bioware so afraid of?


Why is it that any thread that is created that has even the slightest critizism of Bioware or SWTOR is funneled into another thread where it will be considered 'out of sight, out of mind'. Usually this isn't even the original thread, but the 3rd, 4th or 5th continuation thread created concerning that issue. They always slap on their copy and paste text about they are willing to listen to any thoughts as long as they are done intelligently without malice, but it's just the justification they use to hide those threads that they dont want others to see.


The forums are how players voice their opinions to the game developers. Especially players who are paying a monthly subscription fee to play the developers game. It's their right to create a thread that expresses their opinion on the product that they are paying their hard earned money to play.


And shame on you players who seem to delight in deriding those thread creators with responses like 'oh this thread again'. Yes it is this thread again. These threads wouldn't exist if there wasnt a legitimate need for them.


Biowares forum moderators do more to curb the voices of their customers than they contribute.


These forums are the epitome of futility.


So moderators, close this thread. Move it to another monster thread where my voice will be lost amongst the hundreds of others that you have banished because we dare to have our own thoughts and ideas.

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Greetings, quarlo.


We do understand that moderation can be frustrating, but discussing it on the forums is not allowed. We ask that any feedback regarding moderation - both positive and negative - be emailed to communitysupport@swtor.com so your concerns can be addressed one-on-one. We have closed this thread, as discussion of moderation is not permitted, but we do encourage you to send us your feedback!


Thank you!

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