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is broke.


I leveled sith with very little issues but wtfbbq happened to Taris???


My companion and I glitched more there (Not to mention quest bugged/broke/annoying) then any place.


I am leaving it with TONS of quest left behind because I don't have a hat to cover my now bald head from pulling my hair out.


Thanks :)

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I fould some parts of Taris a bit more challenging than similar areas of other planets, but I didn't see any real bug issues. Care to elaborate?


My companion kept bugging out (stand still stuck in combat) and the ONLY way out of it was to wait for a spawn close enough to get him killed to, and just avoid fighting in the northern part of that place at all.


The quest that has you scan creatures that have been exposed to radiation - in the wrong area, over and over.


Most of my issues were with my companion freezing in combat.

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