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Another thread.. take a gues


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i didnt get in the 3 first waves, i was pretty sure i wasnt gona get a invite, i can whait...



Anyway, my point is, everyone screaming this is bad quality and its totaly wrong and what else crap they can whine about becouse they didn`t get in.


POINT: is that if this was a BAD decition by EA\BW and it goes so horribly wrong, then why the hell aren`t the ppl who actualy got IN the game on the boards complaining?


I gues they play the game, whit low latencys, stabil servers and quests thats actualy possible to do since there aren`t 500 other guys trying to do the same exact quest at the same damn time..



So, since there is such a lack of ppl who ACTUALY GOT IN complaining here, i will call this pre-launch a sucsess...1

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