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[Video] Mercenaries tired of healing in PVP?!


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SWTOR: Bounty Hunter Mercenary Heal



Hi my French Friends,


this video contains a random Warezone Voidstar Match starring me as a Hybrid Heal/Arsenal Mercenary (see specc below).


It stresses the effectiveness of Death from Above and Tracer Missiles as a Healer (at least for solo queueing) and having a lot of fun (even as a healer ).


Hope you enjoy (; i did !







Further Information:


Heal/Arsenal Hybrid 24/17/0



Gear: Battlemaster Heal + 2 PVE Medic set bonus

Random BG Voidstar



Two Steps From Hell - Protectors Of The Earth

Two Steps From Hell - Archangel

Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage



You can contact me via PM or @ http://www.atrox.de/




This is my first Video so bear with me





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