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I'm not raging yet, but kind of in the same boat here.


I pre-ordered at my local EB Games in Canada before the SWTOR 'official' pre-orders began.

However, I kept up with the news for the official pre-order and went to my store on my lunch break on the 21st.


They didn't even know what the hell I was talking about, and looking in the system they didn't even have the proper SKU for it yet.


I went back everyday, but it took a few days before they could even got the right SKU.... but of course, they didn't have the pre-order codes whatsoever.


After a week, they still didn't have them. The other EB Games in my city was in the same boat.


Finally, I called Gamestop support and they gave me a pre-order code over the phone. (standard edition of course, even though I pre-ordered CE... but thankfully that wasn't an issue)


I ran to put in my code, but of course it was July 31st already.


Funny enough, I got a call from my EB Games store a week after that... they finally had the codes.



Such horrible horrible marketing and customer service in Canada.

So sad, because Bioware started as a Canadian company and are one of our big gaming industry success stories.

Still, I don't blame them. I blame EA marketing and Gamestop.



Again, not raging yet... but if I don't get into Early Access today or tomorrow, I'm never going to shop at EBGames/Gamestop again, and I'll be writing a formal letter of complaint to both EA and Gamestop. I'll make sure it makes it up to someone fairly important as well.... I worked in phone customer service for years, and I know what buttons to push. :)

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