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Nar Shaddaa: Huttese Female Voice Ads


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I love the atmosphere of Nar Shaddaa...Remember the Japanese video ads in Blade Runner? Well, the female voice ads in the surroundings of Nar Shadaa kind of reminded me of that. It's in Huttese. I was wondering if it actually meant something, here's what I think she says, just thought I'd share it.


Magoosa mogootu chone kee

(Myself better and under)

I'm better and cheaper?


Chess ko leeska con dumpa

(Take care/beware cheating poor garbage)

Beware of low quality counterfitting?


Wamma oto che copah u ta pawa

(to pay I want price you the power)

I want you to pay a good price for the power?


Ya tuta bu pa foo creeda,

(There from the place with credit)


Foto mo creeda chay-chay

(double or credit about)


choppa inka bunga an chawa

(pods amazing and race)

Amazing Pod Races?


Nagu kee shi hataw wompa

(? ? upgrade one)


Mojee-rah wantahompa

payment guaranteed


Doe ko wamma wanga

(The ? pay once)


Ooma coo pa whirlee

Head who place dancers

The top club with dancers?

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