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My Review/Constructive feedback for SWTOR


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As a long time follower of the game I feel as though I should post a review about my personal experience with the game. Lets start at the beginning. I started my love with BioWare with the game KOTOR, this game really blew me away. It was one of the first RPG's that grabbed a hold of me as a 14 year old.

I'd never played anything that got me so immersed into the game, making choices to affect the outcome at the end, meeting up with people along the way who I ended up falling in love with, the planets we're amazing for me (Korriban was my fave) and it was really just a new experience for me.

So 5 years ago (maybe 4 ) when I heard they we're making SWTOR, you could imagine how happy I was. Around the time it was annouced I'd pretty much stoped playing video games, I was growing up and didn't have the time any more to play. But with the promises they gave for this game I was mega excited and thought I'd follow it untill release!

So here I am 2 months after lanuch feeling a little lost.


Now to the review


The game at the start is AMAZING the CGI trailers I'd watched to death before launch gave me the "It's finally here" feeling. Watching the prologue gave me tingles! The starting missions where very well put together and we're immense!

Then by around lvl 30 after the first chapter it started loosing it's magic. Everything started to just be the same old same old.


I'm pretty sure some of the planet quests are identical! None of the magic from KOTOR was there. I understand it's an online game so they can't change anything to massively but nothing changes outcomes of quests, all the storys end up the same with pretty much exactly the same outcome (Bar you don't sacrifice someone, but you have to fight them before you choose this) You never hit a point where you have to kill/get rid of companions even if they don't like the way you act, why? I've loved this is almost every BW game, it gets me more immersed and makes me feel more for them.


I can't belive this was made by the same people who made KOTOR, they say it's the same but it really can't be. Barring a few storys most seem to just be thrown together SI seems to be one of them. Where as the IA has an mazing story with so many twists and turns. Some are what I would expect like the SW story. I understand all these things are personal preference but really some didn't hit the bar very high.


Next lets get on to game play. I really do enjoy the gameplay in TOR I never played WoW so all the controls/skills ect really are fresh and new to me! Jumping huge distances to pound on a foe or throwing rocks you picked up from the ground and bashing people in the head with them really is very fun! But the combat delay for the first month really did neg me out.

It's little problems like this that first started me asking questions like. What 5 years in development and a name like EA behind them with so much cash they could build a house out of dollar bills, and things like this are in launch, WHY?!?!

But they did make a huge difference to it when they addressed it but still a few classes have delay, which is never a good thing.


So now lets get onto end game. End game on this can be lots of fun, it really depends on what kind of server you rolled on. At launch I rolled on a Standard server to just skip the ques, I just didn't want to waste time in them as I'm in a boat and battery is important to me so to waste an hour or 2 on a que screen would just defeat the point in playing for me.

On the server I rolled on EU-PVP The Kumumgah was great at the start their we're lot's of people, always you could be sure to find someone for an FP/heroic or just if you needed help with a story quest. But now it's died.


But flashpoints/Ops and PvP have the potential to be grrrrrreat! They just didn't pay enough attention on them which I can understand to an extent, but having bosses you can't kill and random respawns was just a kick in the nads.


PvP warzones are fun untill you play them for the thousandth time but then again too much of anything is a bad thing. And Ilum, in it's current state is just plain flat out a waste of space.


Also random FPS drops,really what we're you doing for 5 years guys? :s


so over all I'd say 6/10


It could of easily been 8.5/10 if only they'd...


Done something more with Ilum, give me more of a reason to go there then to click boxes.I won't go there to click boxes, I refuse to belive this is part of end game.


Why don't they just do something simple yet productive, Why not have it so there's an actual time for wars, like once every 2 hours which lasts for 1 hour and then which ever side wins Ilum get to stay their and the other side gets locked out untill the next war?


It'd give you a reason to go there and having planned war times boosts the population that will go there at said time, although to make this work properly you'd have to have it so only 100 imp/100 rep on each side, I know kids will cry about it but you can't keep giving everyone everything it just doesn't work.


You should of had LFD tools & cross server PvP before launch up and ready, you knew this is just immesnely easier for casual players to get into a group because at the moment on low population servers theres just no push to log in(I re-rolled to Legions of Lettow because my old server died).No one will want to join a HM FP so the chance of getting a Ops group together is just not going to happen. Which pretty much kills all end game.


What happend to looking at others and saying "Right I want that" Now i look at others ingame and say. Oh look you have the same as me, nothing is exclusive NOTHING. If every one has everything without having to work for it, then whats the point? I don't feel as though I've achived anything I'm the same as every other person in game, and to me thats a sad state of affairs.


There needs to be some sort of negative for dying, just having to repair your stuff is boring, I don't care when I die. Sometimes I die to res back in town, imo you need to have a reason to live...


Bug's I won't go into, because you guys are working well on these and I can see that from week to week.



Server merges are now needed, please post something about this on the thread "Server merge's?" Don't belive the hype no one will leave, people aren't going to speak worse about the game because of it, people are at their worst now, belive me.


I think thats as much as I can think about right now. I love the game, well what it could be. I just want to know what their plans for the future are because without any information I think I'll let the rest of the 3 months of my sub run out and just play when expansions come.



I'm not a hardcore player at all I play maybe 2-4 hours each day, maybe more on the weekends if I don't have anything planned. But I am no where near playing too much. I think I am the perfect example of a casual player. So this is the review from a casual. Thanks for reading

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