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Dear Biowear employees.



This may be typed so horendous that you may choose to ignore this post;however, your games sucks guys. I love it so much that it sucks. You need to take a few things into account. I play a prety much bm/well no rakata, but have tanked nightmear everyzone to completion trooper into thought.



I find it so hurt full that you make this game SOOOOOO fuggin ez that people quit... I joined a debatebly top 3 guild world wide guild in your game. Do you know what we do... Put more poeticly, do you know what THEY do. We, they log in 2 times a week kill your content and THEY dont log in for another 7 days.. This dosent help the economy of the game, nor permote the expantion of others being top end. Frankly, half my guild plans to leave to another game after considering this one, and complete and utter dissapointment. Challenge, what challenge in the first month every boss in the game has been killed..... Were not talking about 5th to, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, but the HARDEST boss in the game is down, and on multipul servers. PVE in this game is a joke guys... I Play on a pvp server. Your content is week.




I love you and this game, but your PVE advisor needs to be fired. Im thinkin about goin back to everquest 2. Want to know why, probally not, but here goes... The expantion pack has been out for like 6 months. People are still struggling to kill the end boss.... Thats how you keep top in players playing. Not this Everybody stand in the YELLO healers ability, and just dps mantality this game has. Whom eaver is the lead designer for pve content in this game keep aware, your failing. Step up your game Sir! In addition, you better come up with a new xpac and fast. Because 8/10s the servers have completed the end game content, nobody wants to wait. You blew that load on your self. No it pushes you to make harder content. Btw, we dont wanna see some upgraded bosses or redone areas. It needs to be new. Should you have made it more challengeing in the first place we could/would have been more complacent.




uck spell check, you got it from the GUT.


Motive Loco

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Hello everyone!


We appreciate feedback, both positive and negative. However, we do ask that that feedback is constructive. This post goes into more detail about what we're looking for in feedback and how to make sure your feedback is constructive and helpful.


With that in mind, we're going to go ahead and close the thread. If you have suggestions for the game, we have a fantastic thread for suggestion lists and a forum for specific suggestions, the Suggestion Box. We encourage you to continue your discussion in one of these locations.


Thank you for understanding and helping us make sure that the forums are as constructive and helpful as possible!

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