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Why do you nerf/reduce stats in SWTOR without talking to the community about it first. Doesn't Bioware think in the slightest bit that this back door stunt is a good way to lose players. I'll be the first one to admit, I have not been very peachy on these forums and while in-game. I haven't had a good attitude in either respect. But I tihnk there's a good reason why.


This game is so damn stressful. What I mean by this is that you never know when your character is going to be trashed. I built a DPS Vanguard, high in surge and crit. The only stats worth a damn for that class. I had the ability to actually do well at PVP. Now I can't really do anything since the changes took effect.


It's funny to sit there and throw everything you have at a healer, or a well built tank and nothing happens. And then they say "What up Hoss" in the chatlog. Laughing in your face cause you can't touch them. Its really quite frustrating....and unacceptable.


Crit and Surge were the only stats for a DPS Vangaurd to stack to even have a chance compared to other classes. Seriously, Aim, power, and Accuarcy are all jokes. You cannot stack those and get any damage from them, damage that's useful that is.


So after my DPS capabilities were destroyed I transferred my character to a fully built tank. All stats, gear, mods, enhancements, and the skill tree were converted to tanking abilities. It cost me one million credits, for the whole process.


After I finished the build I joined PVP and got my *** kicked. I did everytihng a tank is supposed to do and I got to hand it too you, Vangaurd Tanks are useless! Absolutely useless. They don't take damage well at all and they don't do any damage at all. It's so sad.


So after spending 19 days on my character, leveling, tuning, and failing to get a solid build I am left with frustration. I have uninstalled the game and re-installed about 4 times just out of frustrating mounments. Do I have anger issues? Kinda, can't really blame me after a roadside bomb detonated close by my truck while serving in Iraq. But that's besides the point.


I will say that SWTOR is honestly one of the better MMO's out there. I love what armor looks like, the use of weapons ( Blasters, Sniper Rifles, etc ). But there are soooo many problems with the game.


I am not going to delve into all of the problems I've experienced. The forums are full of those issues and it would be pointless for me to reinerate them. I just really don't like the direction Bioware is going with this MMO.


The direction Bioware is heading, well who knows what that is. But it is bothering me quite a bit. They keep promising future patches, big updates, addons and fixes that will be the latest and greatest. It just seems like they keep throwing that hook out there to try and catch a few more victems or keep the ones on the line as it is. But in reality, the patches and updates have offered nothing grand for the players. Yes, we get some stability fixes here and there. But from what I've seen they have been failed attempts at trying to balance the game by nerfing different classes without any warning. ( That's only one item in many ).


Dont take my word for it regarding the patches and updates, just go to Ilum. Is it the same? Or has it changed in any way at all.


What about the texture enhancements they promised. That never came. Instead of trying to lure players in by adding better textures, they work on nerfing players hard work and dedication to their characters. Does this make any sense at all?


Anyway's.....I don't know where this game is headed. I wish it was heading in the right direction. But to me, it really seems like the leaders of this MMO are asleep at the wheel. I don't think I will be riding in their car too much longer.


As for all of you who enjoy the game and who are going to stick around. I wish you the best.


And please keep this thread clean. If you disagree with something said, respond maturely. Thank you.

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