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32 Battlemaster Bags and Counting...


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Zero BM Tokens. Why is this fun again? Having to pick up canisters that has 10 spawn locations and 30 people camping them.. there for driving in circles for 1.5-2hrs to get them. Why is THAT fun again?


Design failures all over this game. Pathetic.

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Hello everyone!


We appreciate feedback, both positive and negative. However, we do ask that that feedback is constructive. This post goes into more detail about what we're looking for in feedback and how to make sure your feedback is constructive and helpful.


With that in mind, we're going to go ahead and close the thread. If you have suggestions for the game, we have a fantastic thread for suggestion lists and a forum for specific suggestions, the Suggestion Box. We encourage you to continue your discussion in one of these locations.


Thank you for understanding and helping us make sure that the forums are as constructive and helpful as possible!

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