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[Suggestion] Improve the /who command


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Firstly, I spend my time playing the game rather than reading the forums. I'm hoping to contribute here - but if I end up inadvertently posted a suggestion that has been seen a million times already, I hope you can accept my ignorance of previous topics.


Suggestion #7:

Make the "/who" command a little more powerful than just simply opening the "who" panel.


At the very least, pass anything typed after "/who" to the "Search Terms:" box.


There is a guild on our server called <Scum and Villainy>

It would be very useful to type "/who villainy" rather than just "/who", getting a list I don't need and then having to search. Same for people's character names, etc.


I can't see that being a big programming task, just to pass the string along.


Suggestion #7a:


ofc, I come from warcraft, where the /who command is incredibly powerful (moreso than most players realise).


Because you can qualify the search parameters from the command line :-


g- : Search Guild Name

z- : Search Zone Name

c- : Search Class Name

r- : Search Race Name

n- : Search Character Name

as well as n1-n2 where n1 and n2 are numbers... to allow searching by character level.


So things as powerful as "/who n-super z-icecrown c-mage 80-85" are possible. To search for a level 80 to 85 mage who's name includes "Super" who is currently in the Icecrown zone.

Or "/who g-hutta" to search for guilds like <Hutta Defence Force> without listing everyone who's currently questing on Hutta.


In asking, I'm working on a "if I don't ask, I won't ever get" basis. I realise that sort of development time for functionality nobody will ever know about, nevermind use is pushing it a bit. But then quality is it's own reward and I would hate to think that Bioware were the sort of company where it's pointless to ask.

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Personally I'd have to agree with the previous poster. Having a more detailed /who (or even building filters into the /who menu like checkboxes for most common searches like)

  • Lvl1-10 [] 11-20 []
  • 21-30 [] 31-40 []
  • 41-49 [] Lvl50 []
  • Class [] location []

would benifit most (if not all) of your long term players. I'm not speaking of the people who HAVE played a long time but who WILL play for a long time. Most of your serious MMORPGers are used to/like/want/need (pick one) a decent search just to get thier daily routine going. I know I miss my WoW search options a lot and would love to see similar options in this game. (For those of you reading this who just went ballistic; no I'm not trying to say that WoW is inherantly better or anything like that. Most people are familiar with that game though so using it as a reference point usually cuts down on misunderstandings when describing something.) Now that I think of it you could also add a checkbox/menu option for those people who are LFG without adding all that much code into it. (say attach it to the code that displays those little purple people :D )

Anyways this went longer than I meant it to but basics are good idea, would love to see it, and just some ideas I had about it.

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The parameter passing was added in 1.2.


we can now do stuff like "/who 50-50 villainy" from the command line.


It's still a little kooky trying to search for online players belonging to guild show include names of zones or classes. But small steps :) -- (imagine searching for someone in <Ilum Mercenarys>.

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