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Aim Mods make powertech tanks inferior


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I play a BH medic and I have been very frustrated trying to gear out Blizz. The problem is that aim mods, and only aim mods, have secondary stats that are all small miniscule. Now it may not make as big of a difference for dps or healing bounty hunters, because Aim itself gives crit, bonus damage and healing, but considering how secondary stats supposedly scale better than primary, I'm not so sure.


I want to be perfectly clear here. This post is not to discuss the advantages of certain types of mods over others, it is to point out that AIM mods with high secondary stats don't exist within the game, when they do for every other mod with other primary stats. Every other stat also has a choice they can make, whether they want to specialize in higher primary stats (for example higher str/end) or the secondary stats because both versions exist for these others.


Let's take a look at tionese gear for an example, shall we?








Notice the War Leader's gear's mods have 3.5x the amount of secondary stats as the Supercommando! Adding all secondary stats up for the supercommando (ignoring accuracy, that is equivalent across the two sets) we get:


23 absorption x 4 = 92 absorption across boots, helm, body, gloves.

23 defense x 1 = 23 defense in pants.



Now the War Leader's totals:


43 absorption x 2 = 86 absorption across body and boots

43 defense x 3 = 129 defense across gloves, legs and head

40 shield x 2 = 80 shield rating across head and gloves

40 surge x 1 = 40 surge in legs

Again, accuracy is not relevant, but as you can tell it is on every piece as well, same as the Supercommando.


So, as a tank of any type, which set would you prefer? One with 92 absorption and 23 defense, or one with 86 absorption, 129 defense, 80 shield rating and 40 surge?

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