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Hey everyone,

I was tired of the lack of rolling in this game so I made a quick tool a couple weeks ago for loot rolling.


I set up an example page if you guys want to see how it works.


For the Master Looter/Roller

What everyone else sees


Message me if you want the source files. No DB required, but you will need to set the permission of the "winners.json" file to 777.





edit: Looks like some people enjoyed the tool. I made some updates this morning to make it a little easier.


-- On the view page

- most recent rolls up top

- added a date to when it was rolled

- (bug) doesn't handle tie numbers well


-- On the Master Looter/Roller page

- Added a select all feature

- You can now add players through the url ex: website.com/roller.html?players=bob,tom

- Added button to generate this url if you added player manually

- (bug) url does not work well with spaces or special characters


If something is breaking, feel free to let me know.

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