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Hard Mode Dropes

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I have now run Hard Mode False Emporer 6 times, 5 times the Sith Inqusitor chest piece dropped and 1 time the Operative chest piece dropped. The problem I am having is that I am a Sith warrior and have not even heard of my chest peice dropping from any other player that has done this flashpoint on hard mode. the other problem is that when the operative chest piece dropped the group I was in did not at any time have an operative in the group. I have had the same problem with the Sith Inqusitor chest piece dropping twice when group did not contain a Sith Inqusitor.

Last night I had the same problem with Hard Mode Boarding Party. The Columi gloves that dropped at the end were for an Operative, however the group did not have an Operative in it.


Is anyone else having similar problems or is it just me?


Also if this is a problem is anything being done to address it?

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