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Thank you bioware :3


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Played the beta got to level 18, I was stoked for the game


A month ago a buddy got the game for me, I played a little bit solo, got to about level 15, would only play for about an hour or two a day, finnaly got off dromun kass and for some reason I was stupidly addicted


Now level 32, I heard the end game is pretty bad atm so Im kind of taking my time


Just read the Q/A


Is there any kind of ETA for 1.2 Cause I'm super stoked


Main things im looking for are


LFG Tool (Everyone just needs to admit it makes the game a hell of alot easier and more fun)

Customizable UI (So I can scale that crap down)

Bug fixes

Legacy System

Little more emphasis on crafting

More warzones


And a few more


I have faith that bioware can pull it off so im willing to wait :D

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