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PvP is terrible


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Level bracket-

Okay there are many things wrong with the pvp system. First and for most why in the WORLD are levels 10-50 in the same match that is way over-powered, They NEED to have it setup in a 5 level bracket form or a 10 level bracket form. It sucks to be killed by a level 12 after a struggled fight and it sucks to be out matched by a level 50 with all of their talents and abilities.



Not all classes should have an instant "get out of jail free card" skill the one that removes all effects on you. Only some RACES or classes should have access to that depending on their potential in combat. But all should have access to it through relics. Some classes are way stronger than others based on the classic builds of, heavy beats medium, medium beats light, light beats heavy. Its like a game of rock papper scissors, all classes have their weaknesses, that one teir that can out match them, and all have an advantage against their opposing enimies. With all classes having the same pvp abilities like stun for example it gives them to much of an edge and makes them overpowerd.



The Bolster buff in my opinion very unbalanced, how can you have a "twink" character when all other players are just as strong. When you have spent loads of time and hard earned money into a character its discouraging to walk in an ops battle and your gear is almost worthless. PvP should be 50% gear and 50% skill. For people who cant play all day like the hardcore raiders and can only get an average of about 1-2 hours of gametime in any portion of the morning/evening, this really sets those kind of players back.


For a good MMO gaming experience half of the game should be pve and the other half pvp. The PvE in Swtor is by far the best i have seen and played. Nothing beats the conversations and all the different voices and options for your character and the NPC's. But Bioware and Lucasarts if you want to keep players and fans you need to step your game up and make things right. World of Warcraft has the most balanced PvP system i think. Players have natural weaknesses and strengths, that makes the system almost fair. There will never be a perfectly balanced system i realize that but if you want to beat the best you should take their best qualities and improve the worst. I knew that Swtor was going to be great but i expected more from PvP. its a let down. :mad: Or simply just add an arena system of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4, thats just as good if not better than my previous statements! :)

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