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The Full Monty


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I'm an altaholic.


Eventually I'll get all 8 classess to 50.


So far...


Sith Warrior Marauder = 50

Bounty Hunter Powertech = 32

Imperial Agent Sniper = 28

Sith Inquisitor Assassin = 26

Trooper Commando = 26

Smuggler Gunslinger = 23

Jedi Knight Guardian = 19

Jedi Consular Sage = 18

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Yes I plan to do this too. I planned to have 8 advances classes with my 8 character and to have at least 1 potentiel heal and 1 potential tank in each faction.


So far I have:


-SI Assassin 50

-IA Sniper 40

all other classes to 10-15 except my scoundrel and my bounty hunter that I restarted to change their advance class.


In the end I'll have a SW Juggernaut, a BH Mercenary, a JK Sentinel, a Trooper Vanguard, a JC Sage and a Scoundrel.


I will probably test the trooper next.


P.S. : IA story is amazing so far.

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I had a start on all 8 ACs on my Sith server, but then they started talking about future updates to the legacy system, updates that I may not be able to take advantage of if I already have my characters created.


So now my plan is to roll 1/2 of the ACs as Sith and roll the rest as mirror classes on a Republic server. That way I also have an even balance of tank/dps/heals in each location. Also, it means I don't have to do Dromund Kaas 8 times. :)

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Sith Juggernaut - Light Side 50

Sith Assassin - Light Side 50

Imperial Operative - Light Side 42

Mercenary Hunter - Light Side 23

Jedi Sentinel - Light Side 15

Jedi Sage - Dark Side 13

Republic Gunslinger - Light Side 12

Republic Vanguard - Light Side 11



All the classes, and Mirrors. My question will be whether or not I play 8 more times for the Dark Side (or Light Side Sage) playthroughs since some classes definitely reflect your decisions through their story.

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