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Creating an "End Game" for TOR.


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First off, holding players with new story and content patches is a tried and true way to make yore game free to play. PvP is the core of any true replay value, it doesn't have to be two players fighting, it can be like that kiddie arcade game where you make the frog go up the pole by squirting the leaf with water, two people working towards the same goal in competition to see who does it better.


As it currently stand, TOR has an 'End'. This is hit when you have finished your end game gear sets, the drive to play is then lost, not at first but you can only take the same missions so many times with no reward before you get bored.


What TOR needs is a End Game Campaign. Warhammer was on the right track, but the population of the two sides played too large of a role, and by the time you hit the opposing city it was 3am and everyone was too tired and it was impossible to hold the city until the next day when people where on again.


TOR needs a campaign that is not as fast, or easy to reset.


Every 'Contested' planet needs to be truly contested, there needs to be a contest, each planet should hold some significant resource. I know how much bioware likes linear progression, so all in all, the campaign is a game of tug-o-war.


X amount of controlled planets are required to attack the opposing home planet


a successful attack of the opposing home planet unlocks a raid to fight the opposing 'General'


Defeating the opposing general gives you tokens to purchase pieces to the 20 most epic looking sets of gear, that have NO MODS IN THEM, purely for look. The fight can be completed once by every character.


Based on popular vote of how many people let the general live(light) or killed them (dark) determines if the character is killed off completely. If a general is killed, they will never come back and bioware has to have another character and story ready for deployment. Each general would have vastly different fighting styles, and once things pan out each server will be participating in a different campaign. Now there is a reason to have characters on multiple servers.



The key here is staying away from a few things:


1. The base story of the mission can have absolutely no relation to the current story.


2. There can't be only a few groups with access to altering the campaign, there needs to be a way for everyone to participate on any level and actually make a difference.


3. The campaign has to be fair and skill based, there can be no open pvp and all pve success needs to be weighed by success % instead of the number of successful attempts...




You know what, never mind, you can't do this unless you limit accounts to 1 faction per server, and there is no way to do that now because character transfers were never developed and too many people already have heavily invested characters in both factions on the same server, killing any and all hope of any faction vs faction fighting or end game that involves any Massively Multi-player aspects. I didn't mean to, but I just lost a good chunk of hope for this game when i came to this realization. I started the post thinking i could help add some replay value to the end. I guess our only hope is random number generators, or some really fast programmers/graphic artists/storywriters.


Ill throw the idea out anyway in case there is a nested idea bioware can use.

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