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Biggest whole in the character storyline.


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First of all, i think Bioware has done a great job when it comes to story!.. I mean.. Really great. But there is one major whole that i just dont understand why they hadn't thought of in the making!..


In all storylines you have they options to choose to be bad or good, and sometimes so direct that when for example you are a imperial you can act as one of the republic, but youre faction dosent change. ?????


It would be GENIOUS if they granted the players the ability to change sides! Like.. A jedi gone sith, or a trooper gone bad?

It is something that always have been a major part in the Star wars universe(anakin went bad, revan went bad, malak went bad, luke also goes bad at some point, and so on!)....


If they really wanna create the ultimate fanfiction paradise, then in the name of Han Solo do it right, and let people get this epic option.


This idea would be a part of a larger patch or expansion i know.. But in the future, i hope it will become an addition to the game.

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