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My "final solution" to the PVP question...


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Want to know peoples thoughts on a few ideas in hopes the devs will take a look.


I know I myself and am positive others that have reached Battlemaster only pvp enough to get my warzone daily/weekly done and run to ilum for the daily/weekly then have no incentive beyond my own enjoyment to continue pvping. I'm also one of the unlucky people who have gotten 4 BM commendations in 46 bags. so here's a few ideas that i personally think will keep people playing and playing...


1)Implement a pvp commendation conversions system for centurian/ champion/ battlemaster commendations. As it stands the ONLY way to obtain BM commendations is by luck. I know i personally play for gear(its the motive that drives most of us to keep playing) but having that based solely upon luck is very frustrating. Adding the conversions system would do many things, even if it were something ridiculous like 200 champion commendations for 1 BM commendation and 250 centaurian comms for 50 champion it would atleast give people something to do with thier commendations(I have 400 cent and 200 champ and all my compaions have full champ sets). Here is why this is a great solution. This will give people reason to purchase the champion gear bags and something to do with thier warzone comms beyond buying consumables. In turn it will keep people playing which again in turn will help the quitting problems and the que time problems. It will also take the luck only system and add a little bit of control and pace to gearing. by all means keep the bag system how it has been changed to recently, but just give an option just like buying mercenary comms with warzone for the rest of the comms we can't do anything with.


2) Add warzone or mercenary commendations to kills in ilum. This will keep people out there for more than just the daily grind and give people an option other than grinding warzones. This could even help with the imbalance issues but will just have to keep an eye out for exploiters.


Also a similar system for pve with tionese crystals and comms would be nice as well.This would keep people running hardmode flashpoints and stay in the content.


All of this is a very simple solution to add ALOT of longevity to current endgame content as most of us are already burnt on alot of it as we have no reason to continue beyond a few daily quests.


I'm not asking for an easy way to gear here... make the conversions hefty, but atleast make it possible to get rid of the luck only as some of us have bad luck and MOST CERTAINLY there isnt currently a reason to keep pvping beyond dailies and why stay in a warzone that is a sure loss if i'm only there for the daily?

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