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[Ideas] New warzones - Read for cookies!


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For most of us, repeated warzones give us headaches! We should all start throwing ideas for the developer team to put to the side in case they get a creativity block.


Paving the Road


This is mainly about DISTANCE.




Attackers would get a walker. The walker would move alone one of three random paths with different challenges.




Defenders would try to focus on one leg of the walker, enough damage to it will disable or weaken it. If it gets disabled/weakened, the attackers would have to do a repair which would be an 8 second channel. If they fail to do so within a certain amount of time, the walker is destroyed.


WINNERS - Whoever was able to get the most distance or reach the enemy camp.


Battlefield on Balmorra


This warzone deals with tickets. The more kills your team gets, the closer you are to winning. Each round lasts 5 minutes.




Attackers would control a Colicoid breeding facility. They release cages of frenzied colicoids to attack the defending team. Teamwork would be needed to create effective waves. Every other wave is more powerful than the last.




Defenders would control four mini-turrets and try to survive!


WINNERS - Whichever team has the most tickets.


Landing Zone 8



This warzone type is king of the hill. Control one AA turret to allow friendly reinforcements onto the battlefield. Scoring goes by how many transports your team landed.




Attackers would try to control the AA turret.




Defenders would try to control the AA turret.


WINNERS - Whichever team had the most successful transport drops.


Burned Bridges


This warzone style is RUSH. The battleship's engines have been sabotaged and it's drifting towards a planet! Defenders must make their way to the engine room from the bridge and slice the engines in order to regain control or attackers must make it to the ship's escape pod.




Attackers would spawn from a room next to the engine room and must run towards the bridge and defeat anyone along their way. They must make it to the escape pod.




Defenders would spawn from the bridge and must make their way to the engine room, encountering the attacking team.


WINNERS - Whichever team makes it to either the engine room or escape pod first.


Taking Out the Trash


Similar to Huttball but you hold an access card instead of a ball.




Both teams fight for an access card to shut down the huge garbage compactor. Both teams are inside a room with trash and the walls keep closing in on them. Each time someone scores, the walls are reset.


WINNERS - First to six scores or time is up.


I'll come up with more ideas soon and I'll add yours!

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