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Stephen Reid - Sales/marketing progress update please!


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On the previous SWTOR forums there was a massive thread about the lack of a grace period, and Stephen Reid said something along the lines of the sales and marketing team would be working on enabling places like Amazon to ship the game earlier than what was planned at that stage, to eleviate the pain of no grace period. (please note I do not remember the exact wording at all - just the general idea of what I understood)


I pre-ordered through Amazon (as an example) on the 27th September and the shipping details where as follows. To be shipped on: 21st December Expected to arrive: 23rd December -3rd January.


I would imagine that the sales and marketing team have failed to make any progress as the Amazon shipping details have only gotten worse in that it now says that it will not arrive before the 25th.....but still up to 3rd January


Please could we have an update on you progress thus far, as getting up to five days of early access to only then be cut off for up to 2 weeks (in my case) is just silly, as we could have just received the game much earlier.




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