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Too Many Companion Gift Missions


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Too many gifts on my mission screen!!!


I must agree, this is frustrating for me when trying to gather rare Researched Compounds with Investigation. At best, I might get three missions with abundant or bountiful yields. After that, I have to waste time going on the companion gift missions just so I can continue trying to find Researched Compounds. I've capped my affection with the companions I wanted to cap.


Maybe present an option to terminate companion gift missions without running them, that way you can refresh the mission options once you deplete the researched compounds? From what I understand this issue is just as frustrating to the other mission skills.

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All too true. Signed/ and reported.


I can no longer do any tier 6 UT or TH missions due to the abundance of companion gifts and the high quantity moderate/abundant gem/metal missions that only appear, if they show. There is no chance of getting the mats needed for the high end crafting. No Orange/epic gems, No Mandalorian Irons.


Also, for you with UT, look closely at your tier 6 missions. Metal is all Moderate. I know you may see "Rich", but it is Moderate and NOT Rich. The Rich mission is a LIE. The cost is the same as moderate 1700 credits and the return is 2 ciridium (or whatever they call it).


So Missions are definitely Bugged, not just "weighted".


I have logged back and forth dozens of times before settling on a lower quantity mission just because an alt sorely needs the mats to craft.


Of course the droids left me the form letter of forwarded to the necessary parties. Not much comfort, but if they do, maybe we can see a change in the system that will fix the problem


I have started taking screenshots to try to lambast the point of this across the missions skills to show proof of this complaint.


Tired of seeing 4 companion gifts, most rich/bountiful and being left with a moderate.

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