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Skill Rotation Timing? Help...


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Im having an issue knowing how to hit the next ability I want to use as FAST as possible given ability cooldown, animation, lag, and the global cooldown.


When "exactly" do you hit your next skill?


Do you hit it when you see damage numbers from your last skill?

Do you hit it when you see the ability light up?

Do you hit it just before it lights up on your tool bar?

Do you spam the next ability your going to use untill it goes black and then



What is the deal with riposte?

You hit it as soon as it comes up or as soon

as the ability connects that you are currently doing?


Riposte ignores the GCD right?


I've begun spamming next ability. While I feel like this is short circuiting the ability currently animating and Im not seeing damage numbers consistantly. People seem to die a lot faster doing this... It confuses me... it feels awefull (like spaming any ol button in a fighter as fast as you can) but it WORKS?


1) Am Im doing it wrong

2) Is it lag or a display issue

3) Is it that different abilities require different strategies.

4) Do you need to wait untill the ability is clearly lit before hitting it cause I've

had alot of luck hitting abilities "right" before they light up.


Before I began the "spas spam method" I was always a fan of hitting the next ability as soon as I saw damage numbers from the last... but due to lag bursts etc... the ability delay this was causing was really hampering my performance in pvp.


Sorry for the jumbled wall of text. :(


Thanks in advance!

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